Remove lettuce and pot from the bag.  Place on a saucer.


Keep the soil moist by watering from the edge of the pot or simply by maintaining half an inch of water in the saucer.  By filling the saucer, the water will wick up from the bottom of the pot. 


Trim off any dry or limp leaves.


Harvest the outer leaves first.  Best to cut just what you need, right before preparing.


Pay attention to the centre of the plant.  If a cone-like structure develops, the lettuce is trying to seed.  This new lettuce is slightly bitter but still delicious.  


These are cut-and-come-again varieties of lettuce.  As leaves are cut, new leaves will re-grow from the base.


For outdoor planting, sow into the garden, in a raised planter or a pot.  Remove the compostable pot.  Keep soil moist.


Lettuce can grow indoors, in all seasons.  Balcony to Table Lettuce will be available year-round.


Moderate sunlight, indoor and outdoor, is preferred but lettuce will grow in low or minimal light.


With good care, Balcony to Table Lettuce can continue to be harvested for 2 to 5 weeks.  

Green Dream at 3 weeks from the store! Still fresh, strong, and beautiful.

After 3 weeks and 2 harvests, Green Goddess is looking great.  There is some new growth as well.  The leaves turned light green.  I kept this in the kitchen the last 2 weeks, with no natural light.  The lettuce tasted the same.


This is 5 weeks!  Green Dream.  Still delicious, crisp, and sweet.