Balcony to Table is the connection and collaboration between the balcony farmer and the home gourmet chef. Luckily, in this home, the relationship is very close, as these two individuals are the same!


Balcony to Table came about from the farming I started on my downtown condo balcony.  It’s all of 28 square feet

(7 X 4 feet).  Precious real estate that I can use productively for maybe 5 months of the year (the winters are cold here!).  I never sit out on the balcony to enjoy the view.  I don't use it as a storage area.  I decided to use the space to grow my own vegetables.


Why grow vegetables on the balcony when it’s so much easier 

to go to the grocery store or farmer’s market?

Because you can.  You can grow heirloom and gourmet varieties of tomatoes, eggplants, lettuce, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots and radishes that are locally rare and hard to find.


Freshly-picked and ripened vegetables taste so delicious.  The distance from balcony to table is so close that minimal flavour is lost.  They can't be more locally grown. 


Saves time.  You can now just walk out on your balcony and harvest exactly what you want and need.  Less time for shopping at the farmers' market or grocery store.  


Your vegetables are organic and pesticide-free, certified by you!


It will transform your balcony into a beautiful artistic garden, or potager, making it an extension of your living space.  The plants will also provide extra privacy and sound barrier protection.  Not only is it visually appealing and delicious to eat, a vegetable garden can be therapeutic.  It will give you peace, diversion, joy and great satisfaction.  You have to try it to understand!


You will have plenty opportunity to accessorize your balcony.  Although there are no John Deere or Kubota for balcony farming, yet, there are many interesting products and accessories you will buy.  Trust me.


It helps the environment.  Plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.  On a 28 square foot balcony, I’m not sure how much I’m contributing to a greener planet but it has definitely been on my mind.


It’s the must-have and must-do for the ultimate foodie.  Farm to Table has created rock star status for farmers. The term, "know your farmer", has become very sexy.  It has brought fresh food awareness and has changed restaurant menus.  Michelin chefs have their own farms that supply exclusively to their restaurants. This care and control ensures quality and inspiration for the chef’s creativity.  If it’s good enough for a Michelin chef, it’s reason for us to do it at home!  Balcony to Table is the urban scale of Farm to Table, Farm to Fork, Land to Table, Soil to Stove, Plot to Plate…


A word of caution.  Growing your own vegetables , at least by my method, is not for cost savings.  In fact, the vegetables you harvest will be expensive...but most delicious and top-quality.