Hello, it's me...

Yes, concert was amazing.  I, myself, have been quiet of late...but rolling in the deep.


It is already late fall.  I have cleared the trug and pots, disposed of all the soil, and cleaned the balcony.  Nothing to do outside until the spring, with new plans, hopes and strategies. 


My focus for the next few months will be growing & perfecting my new lettuce plants in containers, creating new salad combinations and starting up the hydroponic machines.  I have the pods ready - cherry tomatoes, herbs and lettuce.  Although pricey, I have determined they are good value as they produce quality vegetables I eat and they have become part of my home decor.  This is my winter farm.  Much more details to follow in future blogs.


It was recently suggested to me (thank you Brandon) that I could continue to farm on the balcony throughout the winter.  If only this was suggested earlier, say, September, I could have planted carrots , potatoes and beets, to harvest in the winter.  I have read that carrots harvested in winter taste different and exceptionally sweet.  This, I have to try.


This naturally led to the immediate purchase of a cold frame.   Don’t need to convince me.  Yes, I got it.  I love buying new farm toys.   It fits over the all-season trug.  Fresh soil has been loaded and I’m ready to plant.


Can’t leave the new decked-out trug unadorned.  I’ve got winter planters around…which will lead to nice, tasteful, twinkle lights for the holiday season.


Balcony…the possibilities are endless.  Stay tuned.