Kale...not just for salads

Kale... love it or hate it... is so easy to grow.  It looks very impressive on the balcony farm.   We all know it's high in nutrition and provides fibre.  Kale is the "it" green.  Can't say I really love eating it all the time.  Caesar kale salad, kale chips, smoothies... I'm kale-d out.  More recently, I've sautéed it and put it in soups.  Kale taste so delicious when cooked.  I'm referring to Dinosaur kale here.  There are other varieties, like Russian kale, that have a more delicate leaf.  I will grow more next year.

Adding kale to "can" soup.  Very gourmet!  Appropriately, I'm adding

Tuscan kale to Italian Wedding soup.  After adding kale grown on my balcony farm, I now consider this homemade.

Dinosaur kale is lush and dark green.  Easy to grow and to maintain.