Summer of 2016.  I was most looking forward to my first potato crop. It started with the special Danish-designed potato pot I sourced last winter. I carefully selected potato seedlings - German Butterball, French Fingerling and Chilean Splash. I bought "organic vegetable" soil.


I planted in April.  The sprouts started quickly and all looked promising the first month.  By the third month, the vines were dried out and falling over. I never neglected my potatoes. I dug into the soil and determined that the seedlings decomposed in the soil. I think my balcony's sun exposure is not strong or long enough for successful potato planting.


Meanwhile, my dear friend, Corinna, who had started her potato pot at the same time, was watching her plant flourish. She GAVE me her potato plant so that I could continue with content for my blog.  What a great selfless friend!


It is now month four and I just harvested the potatoes today.  What a long and hard period to get a few potatoes. I will never look at a 10-pound bag of potatoes the same again!


The verdict: potatoes may not be suited to balcony farming...unless someone proves me wrong. I don't give up that easily... I will try again. Obviously, I have never taken Psychology 101.


I'm going to roast the freshly harvested potatoes tomorrow!  I have a new baking pan (from London) that makes perfect roast potatoes.  Pictures to follow.