Way to a man’s heart…

This is not just about a man’s stomach I’m talking about. I’m broadening it to all hearts and all stomachs.


When you serve a home cooked meal using home grown produce to people you love, they will remember how they felt eating it. Good plating, conversation, lighting and music help too (btw, all topics to be covered on this website).


It’s different for the person cooking the meal. I am always alittle stressed and I lose my appetite as I cook. My guests are always hungry when they arrive. Yes, rude, but it doesn’t bother me. The smells from my cooking drive their appetite.  Trust me on this. Give it your highest and best effort. It’s worth it. Think about your last dinner party.


A few years ago, there was a phenomenon called the “engagement chicken”. There was some evidence that women making this (fairly plain) roast chicken for their boyfriend resulted in a marriage proposal. The timing ranged from that same evening up to a few months after the meal.  It was a high statistic.  I have tried this chicken, improved upon it and tried many variations, but I don’t think it is working.  I'm going to propose to myself... it's so good!


Top picture on right, yes, that’s my engagement masterpiece. Picture below it, yet another attempt.

I ladle melted goose / duck fat over the chicken while roasting for extra-crispiness.  I give it all-out effort!

“Engagement chicken”

Upright roasting brine chicken with root vegetables. Roasting pan – Staub.  Chicken – organic local farm.