Strategic Crop Selection...

This year, I will be expanding my line of crops.  Considerations, in no particular order of importance:


Grow what I love to eat.  I need to be honest.  Will I really eat it or will it be too much effort to cook?  Can I eat alot of it?


Grow what will bloom beautifully & quickly.  How it looks on my balcony farm is just as important as how it tastes!  I treat the selection & placement  of my crops like an art installation.


Grow what is rare & expensive.  I won't grow cheap stuff, especially if it takes up valuable farm real estate.  Someone suggested I grow green onions.  Aren't they 33 cents a bunch, retail?  I can use the space to grow basil, that costs $3.99 a bunch.


Grow crops that are easy to maintain.  They should be suitable for my sun exposure and length of growing season.


Grow for yield.  More to eat.  Sometimes, smaller items will give greater yield as they grow and ripen faster.  I can harvest and grow another crop.  More turnover per season.  Example of the baby cauliflower (right).  I will be growing a variety of miniature vegetables!