The importance of plating…

I just started a culinary course on the “art of presentation”. It is beyond the practice of placing protein at 6 o’clock, starch at 10 o’clock and vegetable at 2 o’clock and then wiping the edge of the plate clean. If you manage that much, congratulations but that’s not good enough, as I was told.


I learned that food fashion changes and I could be serving a very “2007 meal” if I pile up the food on the plate. Yes, it’s culinary shaming. It’s like being caught in a pair of jeans from 2007.


This course will take my cooking to the next level…to present food as art. I need to plan the food placement on the plate based on visual contrast, flavour complementing and aesthetics.


My priority is to prepare delicious meals with produce I grow. I find this course amusing so far. It’s great to meet food and art-centric people. They are serious, intense and quirky.


Much more of my adventures in this course on future blogs.

Week 4 – Caesar Salad, 4 different ways…

Week 5 – Lamb chops smoked in hay (food grade) and wool (mint-flavoured cotton candy)