I met him last week. He and Ramael Scully were promoting their new cookbook, Nopi. They spoke in an auditorium about their restaurant and their food philosophy. They believe the natural flavour of the vegetables must come through and the sauce cannot mask it.


Yotam Ottolenghi is known for his imaginative ways of preparing vegetables. He has been described as “the man who sexed up vegetables” (Voyaer, BMI magazine January 2011).  Wow!  I hope people say that about this website one day!


Serving vegetables and using vegetables as protein is really “in” now. It’s not a vegetarian movement.  It is more the farm to table, or balcony to table, concept.  Thank you Yotam.


October 2016

One year cousin and I made it to Nopi & Ottolenghi!  Now I know how the recipes should taste!  I will be busy creating these vegetable dishes, carefully plating them on platters and setting them out on the table, at different heights. Difference will be, at my home, it will be all-you-can-eat.  I've got to find those "blocks" to set my platters on.